Dakwah is the core and backbone of mosques in Singapore. With the key focus of shaping the religious life of Muslims in Singapore, we strive to deliver a suite of programs and events that will enrich the Islamic knowledge of Muslims in our locale (Hougang) specifically, and Muslims all over Singapore in general. Beyond that, Dakwah Department of En-Naeem Mosque also strives to provide religious services to the public such as tahnik, korban and others.


In that respect, 2017 has been a memorable year for Dakwah department of En-Naeem Mosque. While continuing some of our traditional events and programs such as our syarahan Santai Sabtu and our daily kuliah, we have also taken steps to organize other programs and events to further enrich the religious experience of our Jemaah such as the ADIL Solat workshop held during Ramadan. We were also part of the Quran Hour event where mosques around Singapore brought Jemaah together in an effort to do khataman al-Quran within one hour.


As a way of providing service to our larger Jemaah, we also piloted a live feed of selected events to give those with internet connection a chance to benefit from the knowledge shared at En-Naeem Mosque. Alhamdulillah, we have managed to provide live feed of 2 forums and 1 special talk throughout 2017.


Moving forward to 2018, En-Naeem Mosque will start to offer ADIL classes as one of the appointed ADIL centres in Singapore. Jemaah can also look forward to other programs and services that we will introduce in 2018.