En-Naeem Mosque is one of the 29 Social Development (SD) Lead Mosques in Singapore. As an SD Lead Mosque, we provide social development services such as Muis Zakat Financial Assistance (FA) scheme, empowerment programme and other assistance packages.


En-Naeem SD Unit focuses on meeting the social and religious needs of the community through alleviating financial difficulties and creating Islamic Learning platforms.


In our effort to touch and outreach to the less privileged Muslim families – especially around Hougang, we provide support to individuals and families beyond the monthly financial assistance to the poor and needy.


Examples of programs organised include Islamic Learning, Parenting Talk, Children Enrichment Workshop, Financial Literacy and Befriending activities.


The befriending activities’ aim is to ziarah  the homes of people such as low-income elderly, people suffering from chronic illnesses or people with disabilities (PWD). These are people identified as at risk of having low social support and isolated from the community due to their prevailing conditions.


Befrienders are volunteers and their main roles are to provide companionship, offer emotional support and help develop self-confidence in the long-term zakat beneficiaries though regular home visits or ziarah.


To ensure our community receives coordinated assistance, En-Naeem SD unit works closely with other Malay Muslim Organisations (MMO) such as MENDAKI, PPIS, PERSATUAN AIN, and Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP). We also conduct regular networking with other social service agencies such as MSF Social Service Offices (SSO), Community Development Councils (CDC), Family Service Centres (FSC), Community Centres and churches to share information as well as resources.