ADIL Academic Year (AY) consists of a series of ADIL modules over the course of two academic years. It is a comprehensive Islamic learning programme offering continuity and clear pathway to provide further opportunities for interested young adults to continue pursuing Islamic knowledge.


Classes will be conducted every Saturday online in a structured and modular setting, providing more opportunities for closer interaction and engagement with the Asatizah every week.


Day: Every Saturday (begins 20 Feb)

Time: 9am-11am

Language Medium: English

Fees: $50 per month


Modules for AY 2021

  • Muslim Manual 1
  • Muslim Manual 2
  • Light of Faith 1
  • Light of Faith 2
  • Living Sources 1
  • Living Sources 2
  • The Chosen One 1
  • The Chosen One 2


Feel free to email to basyir@ennaeem.mosque.sg for any queries.