Throughout the challenging period we face today, we have seen different reactions in facing these challenges. Some are patient, some are resigned. Some hope for mercy, some question the provisions of God.
Why is that? Among the reasons is that the level of religious knowledge gained by each of us are different.
Trials and challenges are a natural part of life. Equip your children with religious knowledge so that they can face challenges and trials in their lives well as a Muslim!
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About Madrasah

Our Mission


To build Madrasah as an Islamic institution that is integrated, comprehensive and holistic with an interactive way of learning.


Every year En-Naeem Mosque Madrasah continues our commitment for improvement. Our asatizah put in effort to be reflective and responsive to students’ needs. We are focus on supporting our students to gain the Islamic knowledge and developing them to be productive and contributive Muslims in the multi-racial and religious society.


Our 2017 goals are to ensure our asatizah meet MUIS requirement of ARS certification and enriching our curriculum to be more impactful by identifying the basic knowledge our students should be competent in. Hence we focus more on the holistic development of the students, solat practices and basic IQRA. Starting 2017, we embarked on an additional 30-minutes intensive one-to-one solat session during the normal madrasah curriculum hours.


En-Naeem Mosque Madrasah has a clear vision and purpose. Through our motto, “Applying Knowledge, Strengthening Faith”, we aim to provide a quality Islamic education for our students. We ensuring they develop a broad range of knowledge to enable them to take responsibility for their own direction and to adapt to the changing world and living in Singapore.


Our enrolment as of 2017 is about 600 students, coming from different races, languages and cultures such as Malay, Indian, Chinese, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Pakistani and Eurasian. Therefore, English is our medium language to suit the diversity of all races.
Other Supporting Programmes


1. IQSO classes

2. Fardhu Ain & Quran for adult classes


En-Naeem Mosque Madrasah continues to provide Iqra’ & Solat classes (IQSO) outside madrasah curriculum hours for the past years since 2009. In 2017, these classes are conducted on Wednesdays to Saturdays with 3 levels of competency reading skills, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced for madrasah and non-madrasah students.


In this supporting programme, there is an increase of 6% from total enrolment in April 2017. The total number of IQSO students stands at 121 as of November 2017.